Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

With the global life sciences industry undergoing a period of unprecedented structural change, traditional models of communication no longer apply. Advantage Integral is working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to engage and inspire stakeholders on the new frontiers of healthcare.

The developments the sector is going through are profound, and they bring with them far-reaching implications for communications:

  • There is an increasing convergence between pharma, biotech, generics, devices and healthcare delivery. New collaborations are being formed, not least with relatively new entrants from the worlds of consumer technology, big data and retail.
  • Focus has shifted towards personalised medicine and the role of patients as a partner to the industry has never been greater.
  • R&D is changing to address recent productivity declines. The heterogeneity of disease is being increasingly recognised, patients are being involved at earlier stages of the R&D process and novel partnership models are being explored.
  • Emerging markets continue to provide new opportunities for industry. But many of these markets are also developing as innovators and challengers.

These are revolutionary and exciting times for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and they bring with them unique opportunities and challenges for communications.

Advantage Integral has extensive healthcare experience, having worked with almost all the major pharmaceutical companies (and many of the smaller ones) as well as with many biotechnology and related life-sciences organisations. Contact the team to find out about how we’re using this experience to build innovative, cut-through communications programmes for the rapidly changing sector.