Energy is a fundamental need for all sectors of our global society. It is a major driver of technological and scientific development. It is the backbone of the global economy. And it is one of the most important conversations of our times, an issues-loaded subject necessitating communication and understanding amongst multiple stakeholder groups.

Advantage Integral understands energy. We understand the evolving dynamics of the energy mix, the need for new technologies, the economic determinants that inform the development and deployment of those technologies, as well as the societal and environmental considerations that are fundamental for a sustainable energy future.

From oil and gas to off-shore renewables and biofuels, our team has extensive experience in the energy sector. We have worked on major projects in Europe, North America and Africa, developing and implementing communications campaigns involving partnership development, global media relations, reputation management, issues and crisis management, stakeholder mapping and community engagement.

We are connected with senior figures in industry, government, academia and the media and we’re passionate about innovation in a sector that is so important to world. Contact the team to find out more about our work in energy and how we can help you engage.